Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Amandla Stenberg


Long before the book The Hunger Games was filmed, Amandla is venturing into the country Panem, and fell in love with Rue. Mercurial character of the District 11 girls who love music and jump on top of a tree expert. When Amandla know this book will be filmed, she begged her manager to join casting.

"Before an audition, my mom rolled up my shirt above the mud, then put twigs and leaves in my hair. And, when I go to Gary's house (Ross, director of the film) which clean for the audition, I tried to not sit down and not pollute his stuff. Hahaha. Fortunately Gary was impressed with my performance. And, a few weeks later, I can be heard if I got the role of Rue!" said the girl who has become a model since age 4 years.

Just like Rue, Amandla also love the music. She can sing, play guitar, violin and drums. Cool again, this women of African descent, American and Denmark is also a hobby to climb a tree!

"Because Rue did not use guns, so I just have to climb a tree, as I usually do when out shooting. It's more fun because I use a special experience, not going to make me fall from the tree. It was really really fun, actually" recalled Amandla.

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