Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Evita Nuh and Fashion Blogging

     Age may be young, but his performance was worldwide. Chaca's gait, close calls this girl of 13 years, the world's fashion-blogging already received recognition from the international world. No wonder that a girl born January 1, 1999 is frequently interviewed by numerous magazines and television overseas. Chaca even get into the list of '10 Most Influential Young Blogger' www.babble.com version of New York, with famous fashion blogger, Tavi Gavinson.
     Chaca start getting into the blogging world since 9 years old. Starting from eliminating boredom, he found a blog owned by a girl who happens to Prancis is a fashion blog. Being interested, girl who practicing wushu then figuring out how to create a blog and create her own blog. Through The crème de la crop (jellyjellybeans.blogspot.com), Chaca express her love of fashion.
    "For me, fashion is to express these things myself. Because we would not want to have to acknowledge, much less the judge of our performance," said the girl who turned out like drawing.
    About fashion style, Chaca admitted to the influence of many things. But, one of the greatest inspiration is her own grandmother. "Many people say I have an old soul. Because I like the old preppy style clothes, like Oliver Twist. I also like listening to old music," said the girl who loved ring.
     Apparently, Chaca's in the fashion world does not stop at fashion blogging. Because, Chaca recently launched a clothing line called 'Little Nuh' he designed with his cousin. Not only that. Girls who like to go to blog once a month is too busy so photographer assistant and freelance photo editor! WOW!

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