Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Greyson Chance and His Bestfriend

With Cody Simpson
Although often referred to compete with each other as the next Justin Bieber, Greyson and Cody Simpson make a good friendship. Greyson and Cody began to close since touring together. Incidentally, Greyson and Cody has same age, just like the same music, same love as Harry Potter book fans. Because the bus many fun and interesting things during the course of the tour, they also agreed to call it a party bus. Well, when Cody over 14 years, the two friends went to a place of recreation, then board a vehicle to play and have fun together. Greyson also had dinner with the Cody family. He even wrote on Twitter that the dinner was very enjoyable.

With friends in his hometown
Before known as now, everyday Greyson's life similar to ours. He went to school and got a friend in Oklahoma. Greyson had said that one thing that made ​​he miss the home are his friends. Colin and Colton were football teammates who have been followed Greyson. While in school, Greyson had a close friend named Hayden. Well, when Greyson had to leave them to reach his dream as a singer, Hayden believes that Greyson will not change even though it was well known. "I'm sure he will not forget me. Because, Greyson was a humble person," says Hayden

With Ariana Grande 
Ariana Grande is a player in the series 'Victorious'. In addition to mention it as a good friend, Greyson also admitted he was this red-haired girl fans. They're became friend since Ariana started video clip starring Greyson's song entitled 'Unfriend You', that release last year. Well, when Ariana over 18 years, Greyson and Ariana singing that song together. Awesome! Greyson also said that he wanted to work with Ariana in terms of singing. Apparently, that dream come true! This year, they will be a duet. Songs that they will be written together. "I love Greyson's voice! He is very talented!," Ariana said about her experience working with Greyson.

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