Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Greyson Chance and His Hobby

Read the book
We are certainly more impressed with Greyson's hobby of reading books. Because, in addition to great singing, then he's also smart. Greyson claimed to have loved reading since he could read. The first book he read was books by Junie B.Jones. In addition, he had read a book titled 'Looking For Alaska' by John Greene. According to him, the book is full of emotion. The reader may feel sad, happy, well moved in the same time.

The guy who had learned to play piano since she was 3 years old also loves sports, especially football. He did not just watch his favorite football club. But also love to play ball. In fact, in his team, he is one of the players who rely on for goalscorer. His favorite jersey number is 11. Then, what about other sports? In addition to football, Greyson also like sport climbing, tennis and skateboarding.

Keep animals
Greyson hobbies keep animals. At his home, he has a dog and jucing. When not singing or recording, he enjoys spending time at home. Well, for beside read the book, he played with his ​​beloved dog, Macy, and her pet cat, Oreo, Rachel and Smokey. But unfortunately, Macy's dead.

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