Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Greyson Chance and His Fans

Giving impression of fans
When asked about the most memorable thing he has received from fans, Greyson said that he was impressed when he gets a birthday gift last year 2011. At that time there was a fan from Brazil who send gifts in the form of an Nook E-book Reader, after he mentioned the desired gift for his birthday on an interview. Gifts that are shipped directly from Brazil to the Greyson's management office in Los Angeles, USA. Oh yes, Greyson is one artist who appreciates all the gifts from fans. He often expressed his gratitude and show off photos of it through Twitter.

Bitten by fan
Was cheered, held, pinched, kissed, or hugged fans, has been commonly accepted by Greyson. Well, this one is the behavior of fans who will always be remembered by Greyson. He was bitten by one of his fans. Yup! Greyson's arm was bitten when he was on tour in the Philippines last year. At that time he was about to go to the toilet and through the crowd of hysterical fans. Despite being surrounded by bodyguards, was a fan of this one can still desperate to slip her head between the guard, then bite Greyson. Auch! Remarkably, although they felt sick, Greyson was not angry. Instead, he was flattered

Chatting with fans
What is the most coveted a fan of his idol? Sure you can chat and ask something to the idol. Well, Greyson including artists who want to interact with fans through various media. On Valentine's Day and the beginning of March, for example, Greyson do video chats with his fans through Spreecast, which allows it to directly interact like a face to face with his fans. In the chat, Greyson answer questions from his fans. In fact, one of Greyson was greeted fans as "Sweetie". A variety of expression shown by the fans. There is a blush, there is also a screaming hysterically.

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