Friday, April 27, 2012

Chloe Moretz : Just 14 But So Chic

       Remember characters Mindy Macready in the movie Kick-Ass (2010)? Or cast Abby in the film  Let Me In (2010)? She is the cute Chloe Moretz. Now she's more beautiful. Acting and look more mature. Thi 14-year-old girl is more often seen on the red carpet event. Successful fashionable style in the spotlight of the fashionista.
      Chloe has a little tomboy style. Even so, these sneakers lovers are going to use high-heels. Taste handed down by her mother. Chloe can look feminine or edgy. She likes vintage-cut dress or a simple straight dress combined with black stockings. If she want more edgy style, she chose to wear a black jacket, tee and pants patterned.
      Big fan of pasta and sushi food is absolutely not like to use make-up. But if the hair affair, Chloe expert. Ponytail style is a bit messy to look more casual. Wavy hair style to look more chic. Or so impressed elegant bun style. Although she likes to explore a variety of styles, not to make her look old.

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