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Greyson Chance Live Concert in Jakarta, 20 April 2012

       20 April 2012. Last night is the best night ever!! I will not forget! Why? Because, last night was my super idol, my inspiration's concert! Greyson Chance! The event held in Ji-Tec Hall, Mangga 2 Square, 8th floor. At 19:30. Oh yes, a few days before the concert, me and my friend (Vita) make t-shirts with pilox with the words "Keep Calm and Support Greyson" for the front and the words "I ♥ Greyson" for the back. I made 3. For me, Tasya and Vita. I'm also make a scrapbook for him. Just our photo and mini letter for him. Kay.. Start the journey. Around 3 o'clock I went to Cibubur Junction to pick up two of my friends there (Tasya and Andita). Around 4 o'clock we went to Ji-Tec. And! In the middle of the toll we got stuck! Actually still work. Just a hiccup. I've panicked. Afraid to be late. Always ask "What time is it?", "Now, already up to where?", "It's not far?" 5 o'clock I arrived at Ji-Tec. Tasya and I already freak out and shouted "OH MY GOD!" After that, we're looking for parking. I got bored. Finally able to park. Me, Tasya, Vita, Andita, Adel ran to the elevator. But long. Finally we took the escalator. We immediately ran to the second floor because we have to scan the ticket and wear bracelets. After that we went straight to the point of sale merchandise. We are buying kinds of sorts. Bullet necklaces, bracelets, glow stick. - SKIP -
        We ran up running around. We had finished eating. 2 When the clay floor was empty, we panic. It turned out we had to go back to the end. We ran running around. After that we queued. May not bring food and drinks. Then we ran up running around. When we are again on the escalator, I'm tough two of them Caucasian, blonde hair. I said "Who's that girl? It is too much style." But as I look.... THAT IS STACY! STACY! GREYSON'S MANAGER! I immediately shouted "STACY! SHE IS STACY? STACY!" I yelled alone. But Stacy not peek. I think she was in a hurry. My friend is confused. Who is stacy? I immediately said "Stacy! Greyson's Manager!" they immediately said "What?" And I went up the escalator as I said 'Stacy' over and over again. Oath! I've really freak out. Then we get on. We photograph pictures a minute. Then we entered the palace. WOW! Already crowded! We immediately find a seat each. Me, Tasya, Vita sat together. Andita and Adel sit alone. Then, Camryn, as the opening act, sing some songs. One Stronger by Kelly Clarkson and Set the Night on Fire. Camryn is soooo beautiful!! 12 years old already have a career! AWESOME! Camryn also pick her brother up to the stage. Her brother is so cute! I forgot! Coboy Junior, Vidi Aldiano and Fay Nabilla also watching! Then, we are waiting for Greyson taking the stage was really long! But they're playing a good songs! All the fans that sitting in the purple seat screaming "WE WANT GREYSON" and sing random song. 
          AND! TERORET RORET! GREYSON GO UP TO THE STAGE! He was facing backwards. The music still playing. Enliven the stage spotlights. He wore a green army jacket. On the back there is the flag of Indonesia. HE IS SO HANDSOME! COOL! Intro song 'Unfriend You' was heard. Greyson stamped his foot to the beat. When he had to sing the first lyric, so he turned around facing the audience. VERY CUTE! HANDSOME! COOL! He start singing with his angelic voice. HIS VOICE CHANGED! MORE COOL! After that, he sing 'Heart Like Stone' and then 'Light Up The Dark'. When singing Heart Like Stone, Greyson's voice sounded tired. Before he sing Light Up The Dark, he said, when he arrived at Soetta, there's so many Enchancer waiting for him. Not so many. Around 50 Enchancers. But he said, 50 Enchancers feels like 2000 Enchancers. WOW! CRAZEH! After singing the third song, Greyson walked to the piano. He sat in a chair and began to play the tune. He recalled his time during the past until now. He called Ellen to appear on her show. During the story he plays the piano. Then he began to sing 'Paparazzi'. After that he sang his old songs. Namely 'Fire' JUST ONE WORD! WOW! Greyson voice while singing Fire on the album and in concert with a very different! The music is made ​​more beat. The stage to be more cool. Red, Orange and Yellow spotlight, such as fire effects. After singing Fire, Greyson to sining 'Running Away' while sitting near the feet of the piano. At once the atmosphere became less crowded. After that, he ran to the backstage. 3 minutes later, he ran again to the stage and facing backward again. GUESS WHAT? HE WEAR A CAP! Music song 'Little London Girl' was heard. Greyson stamped his feet to the beat. At the time of the first lyric, he turned around so he faces the audience. When amid the song, he took off his hat and threw it to one of the fans. FOR GOD's SAKE! ANYONE WHO GET GREYSON'S HAT, SHE IS VERY LUCKY! If I were the fans who get off his hat, I would not wash his hat. At the time of singing LLG, Greyson was appointed one of the fans who sit in the front. It turns out that my friend! EIREN! After that, he's standing in the middle of the stage. He tell us whenever he sing Home is in Your Eyes, he's always remember his home town, Oklahoma. How much he miss his home town. He said, he feel really loved in the middle of us. But, he feel alone standing there, on the stage. He want someone who sit in the front come to the stage. But, almost all of fans that sit in the pink seat, come forward. Not to the stage. Only through the barrier. And they yelled "NO!" So Greyson not be calling one of the fans onto the stage. He began to sing 'Home is in Your Eyes'. After singing the song HIIYE, Greyson call one of the guitarists, and accompanied him to sing 'Rolling in the Deep' by Adele. AWESOME! I got goosebumps hearing his voice singing the song. After that, he sing 'Purple Sky'. (I wanna tell you something after this post). And then 'Summertrain' followed by the song 'Cheyenne'. If I'm not mistaken, before singing Cheyenne, Greyson took off his jacket. COOL YA KNOW! IT'S TIME FOR Singing 'Pumped Up Kicks'! GUESS WHAT?! During he singing it, he did a little dance. Like Dougie. He also briefly played drums with the drummer. Continue, he could play the piano, standing with one foot on a chair. But, amid the song, Greyson had run to the backstage and behind the stage was really long. But, he's still singing. YOU KNOW WHAT? Turns out he's really into backstage for a long time to justify his pants! HAHAHA .. Approximately 3 minutes later, he came out waving his hand. After that he sang 'Hold on' Til The Night' while playing the piano. Tone in a lot of improvisation. BUT! AWESOME! After that, he said "This is the last song" is the song 'Waiting Outside The Lines'. Me and Tasya have started crying. When the song was about to run out, me and Tasya, sat and cry. Greyson then ran to the backstage. But I'm aware of. Greyson has not been singing the song 'Take a Look at Me Now'. But I think, maybe he's not singing this song. Suddenly there is a group of fans. Their plasticity panic. They ran to the door near my seat. I'm curious. So me and Tasya ran to the door too. We shouted "WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MO-" suddenly, on the stage, Greyson standing there. Greyson wearing a black leather jacket. He sang the song 'Take a Look at Me Now'. Me and Tasya cried and immediately shouted "Greyson! Greyson!" I returned to my seat. I wanna sing. But I can't. I've cried. Fitting is finished, Greyson said "THANK YOU SO MUCH JAKARTA!" He immediately ran back to the backstage. YEAH IT'S OVER! Me and Tasya immediately cried again.. We do not want to go home. We want more! Me and Tasya ran to the door near my seat. We shouted. "GREYSON! INDONESIAN ENCHANCERS LOVE YOU! WE'LL MISS YOU! WE LOVE YOU!" and something like that. Yeah.. I won't this over.. But I can't handle it. He is busy. During the show, Greyson looks so tired but he still energic. His voice was hoarse with fatigue. Many high notes that not until. BUT, HE STILL DO THE BEST FOR HIS FANS! SO! THAT'S ALL MY STORY!!


ps : picture? later ;) sorry for wrong grammar

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