Monday, October 17, 2011


Hater: "Justin Bieber has no fans." Belieber: " What? Sorry, I couldnt hear you over the 13,000,000 screaming girls.
"Why do you love Justin Bieber so much? he's never gonna love you back" "Why do you breathe if you know you're eventually going to die?"
Single ☐ Taken ☑ my Bieber poster fell on top of me. It's a sign that Bieber wants me. ;) #true
S.W.A.G = (S)omeone (W)ho's (A)ctually (G)orgeous ♥ = Justin Drew Bieber ♥
justin bieber is Ⓐdorable Ⓦonderful Ⓔnchanting Ⓢweet Ⓞriginal Ⓜature Ⓔpic
Me: "Hannah Montana lied..." Mom: "What? Why?" Me: "She said nobody's perfect... She obviously haven't seen Justin Bieber, duh."
Justin Bieber is gay? Hes dating Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber cant sing? Justin Timberlake & Usher fought over him.

Justin Bieber is unsuccessful? He has his own movie and over 40 million fans.

Justin Bieber is selfish? He gave 1million to Japan.

Stop being jealous & learn to appreciate that some people are alot more talented than you, he followed his dream. How would you like it if you got hated on for no reason?


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