Monday, October 17, 2011

Remix part 1

Only silence.. just us they playing our song.. not enough for me.. so let's make it last forever.. ain't nothing like a summertime.. alright all night nothing feels wrong.. with you.. i wish we had another time.. i wish we had another place.. who knew?? I'm still stuck in the moment with you.. and i don't wanna let you know.. cause i know you can't love me here.. so well never knew.. cause everything we did and everything we have is stuck in the moment.. cause you got me fallin' in love with all the things you do.. cause you got me fallin' in love and i'm your biggest fans.. take me away to where you are.. baby you and me.. just so i can see you smile.. should i give up should i let go.. my mind says yes but my heart says no.. your love is off the chain.. you got me baby crushing.. so crazy is this thing we call love.. i'm overboard and i need your love.. so throw yourself out to me.. so what do i do? cause i still love you.. i can't swim on my own.. before you go away.. so far away.. you need to realize.. i really need you to know.. please don't forget the good days with me.. my love is like a star.. don't you know that you're the one? you never fall in love.. don't wanna break your heart.. so let me give your heart a break.. i can see it in your eyes.. you told me you'll never fall in love again.. because everything is not what it's seems.. i like it put your number in my  phone.. so let's get the party all night long.. nothing last forever.. me plus you.. your world is my world.. boy i love boy i love you.. he is the one.. my one love my one heart my one live for sure.. imma tell you one time.. something special about you is hard to find.. and i wondering if you take a chance..  please don't break my heart.. am i fool for you.. ain't playin' i just sayin' i can't live without you.. to gave me the impression that you might be cool.. on a girl like me with a guy like you.. pure jealousy.. am i a fool for fool for making you my whole world.. please don't break it please don't break it.. i need you next to me.. i can't survive without you here by my side.. right now today i've gott find a way.. i won't rest until you're mine.. can't find my mind.. keeps on coming back to you.. always back to you.. it couldn't be better.. even close to complete.. i'll never let you go.. cause it's only brak my heart.. just stop wondering.. and it's only make me sad.. feels like i'm running in place.. you keep slipping away.. my runaway love.. won't stop until i find my runaway love.. where is my runaway love?  searching now it hard.. you can make up your mind.. please don't waste my time.. U smile I smile.. would you stop and take a look at me now? my first love break my heart for the first time.. and i fall in love with you all over again.. these are the words these are the choices.. we are the children we had the voices.. this is the life these are the equations.. this is the time we're being tested.. don't let them change you.. it's like a purple sky.. i can't get you off my mind.. give me the chance to love you.. you make my crazier.. cause you are on my mind.. i wan to know you feel it.. i want to be the gravity in your universe.. boy i can't live without you..

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