Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lee Chae Rin : Most Eccentric Girlband Leader

      Lee Chae Rin or CL is known multitalented. Her age still quite young but powerful charisma and talent no doubt make the was elected as leader girldband Korea, 2NE1. She also leads the lead rapper and dancer! Among other personal 2NE1, CL most good writing lyrics and playing musical instruments. Language skills are also not in doubt. She mastered three languages​​, namely English, Japanese and French
In fashion, CL is most eye catching. Her appearance is always quirky and daring. She had a touch of edgy style spikes on her clothes, shoes and accessories, lagging black leather and blazer. CL is often seen wearing ripped jeans, patches and geometric-patterned sweater. Footwear and costumes for the stage, she believes the very same renowned designer, Jeremy Scott. CL likes high-cut sneakers with bright pink accents and a cute ponytail goals.
About make-up of the most prominent are her winged eyeliner eye makeup. Fierce and thick frame CL's narrow eyes.

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