Friday, April 6, 2012

The Characteristic of TRUE Friends

1. True friend is honest
The main characteristic of a true friend is they must be honest. They may not like to tell all they activity and they secret with you. And that's okay. Even more important is that they come clean about who they were and what their motivation. If something is wrong, they would explain it.

2. True friends are fun, unique and interesting
At first you are friends with someone because they are fun, unique and interesting. That means you have a friend who is suitable and similar interests. You make friends with the voluntary, not forced. That is important.

3. True friend is paying attention and willing to adapt
A good friend at least a good listener. They noticed how the everyday things that affect your frivolous. They can not read your mind, but they knows when you're happy, sad, excited or anxious. If found themself doing something that annoys you, they will try to change ther actions or at least discuss it with you. 

4. True friends that support you and your ideals
True friends should know what you most want in life. They knows what really tickles you and help you become like those you want. They will not try to change you or drag you into situations that make you uncomfortable. They also will not make you do something that makes you at risk of losing something important to you.  

5. True friend that you can trust 
True friends will not try to steal your boyfriend/girlfriend, your livelihood and your personality. They will not gossip about you constantly or trying to damage your reputation. They will tell you when they was worried about your condition and do the best to continue to accompany you through the difficulties. 

6. True friend that shows clearly on you that they cares about you
Every person has a way of telling you that they're cares about you. There is a close friend who gives hugs, there is also a friend who likes to tease. Important clue that someone cares about you is that they often talked with you and generally know what you are experiencing. They also showed their interest by the changes that occur in your life.

 7. True friend is there with you as happy and hard
Loyalty is a trait noted by almost everyone when asked to write what they seek from a friend. Loyal friend who will stay on your side even if you are poor test scores, your parents are divorced, your girlfriend/boyfriend dumped you or you is not got money. If you move house or change schools, he did his best to keep in touch with you.

8. True friend accepts you as is. Even if you're nobody
In friendship, accept and faithfully were related. True friends accept you without much protest and know how to overcome the shortcomings and oddities you. They was also impatient when you make mistakes, even fatal mistakes. They will learn to forgive you when you hurt them.

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