Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Young and The Beautiful

Hailee Steinfeld (14)
Star : Capricorn
Big Break : True Grit
Next Big Break : Romeo and Juliet
Hailee known after a role as Mattie Ross in the movie 'True Grit' and managed to get nominated for 'Best Supporting Artist' in the Academy Awards. Since 2007, the girl who was born on December 11, 1996 has been acting for several short films and television movies. And, for the film Mattie Ross, Hailee had to compete with 15,000 people. And she got it like a proud winner! His success in the film world coupled with his success in the fashion world. Hailee has always attracted the attention of every red carpet and often appeared in many high-fashion magazines. His success in the world of fashion and then consolidated with one model for high-fashion brand, Miu Miu. Fancy!
Hailee on..
BEING AROUND VETERAN ACTORS : "I learned a lot. Although they did not give an acting exercise in person, but I feel fortunate to spend time with their three and a half months. "
HAVING STARSTRUCK : "At that moment Justin Timberlake appeared on the LA Screenting of True Grit. He greeted me and asked 'You're amazing! Are you excited?' And I was so starstruck that I had no idea what was coming out of my mouth "
STYLE SHE ADMIRES : "Emma Watson. I love her style! She's amazing!"

Star : Aquarius 
Big Break : Super 8
Next Big Break : Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn
FYI, Joel has never played in any movie before 'Super 8'. So, that movie surely his very first big break. Born December 31, 1996, Joel grew up in Moscow. When summer vacation, Joel go to Los Angeles and following casting. The purpose follow the casting is to get $ 100. Lucky him, because the casting director proposes Joel to follow the casting film 'Super 8'. Then, he make a great first impression.
Joel on...
MUSIC HE LOVES : "I really like Bruno Mars and Coldplay, and the rap that has a tune and melody to it"
TOM HANKS THAT HE ADMIRES : "He was a versatile actor. That's really what I want to do, and his career"
EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL LIFE : "Hard to believe that in such a big universe there is nothing else out there"

Greyson Chance (14)
Star : Leo
Big Break : Youtube's 'Paparazzi' cover
Next Big Break : Second Album
Just like Bieber, Greyson should thank to Youtube for his phenomenal career. Video Greyson singing 'Paparazzi' by Lady Gaga is seen by 45 million viewers! Even Ellen De Generes was amazed. Then, Ellen gave the music contract to Greyson and was launched his first single 'Waiting Outside The Lines' in 2010. The next year Greyson has finally launched a full album entitled 'Hold on Til The Night'. In the year, Greyson was even nominated in awards such as the Teen Choice Awards and People Choice Awards.
Greyson on...
MUSIC CAREER : "This is my dream and I'm living it. I never thought I would do anything else except write songs and sing it"
LADY GAGA : "I was awestruck by her performance. I love her sense of drama and theatricality, plus she's an amazing singer and piano player. She's my inspiration"
BEING BUSY AND FAMOUS : "I'm doing what I love and it's easy to do what you love. I always found time to skyping, emailing, and texting my friends. Although busy, I find it's not hard to get in touch with the people closest"

Chloe Moretz (15)
Star : Aquarius
Big Break : Kick Ass
Next Big Break : The Invention of Hugo Cabret
She's actually a super girl. In the world of acting, she was awarded the 'Best Breakout Star' and 'Biggest Badass Star' from the MTV Movie Awards. He also had a great interest in the fashion world. She's a young entertainment for years to come.
Chloe on...
CURSING WORDS AT HIT GIRL : "It's a role, not meant to be taken as real-life. As Chloe, I never said a rough word"
GRAMMAR FALSE : "Well, I was 15 years old. That is my way of sending text messages to all my friends. For example, 'Thanks' to just 'thx' and 'Thxxxxxxx!' or 'lolz!' It makes it fun!"

(cc : Girlfriend Magazine)

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