Monday, March 26, 2012

My Bestfriend From Philiphina


Kim (left) and Pia (right)

Kay.. First.. Lemme tell you about Kim..

I know Kim from twitter.. I have fanbase of greyson chance.. She is one of my followers and following.. At first, I ask her who is her name because she doesn't use her real name.. And she tell me her name is Kim.. Since that day, we become closer.. She is 12 y.o. Because I can't always online on my fanbase, I follow her on my personal account.. And we become more closer... We're Enchancers

Second.. Lemme tell you about Pia..

I know Pia before I know Kim.. She is Tumblristas member (facebook group).. At first, I know Joleth.. But we're not closer anymore.. And I know Pia.. I forget how we become closer.. But I remember she say "Marry Christmas" to me even I'm Moslem.. She doesn't know I think.. And since that, we become more closer.. We always talk on twitter.. Not always exactly.. because she rarely online on twitter.. We are Tumblr Addict ♥ 

Kim : @DaMagicalChance
Pia : @peeyatoots

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