Thursday, March 29, 2012

Greyson Chance Talks About His Plan to Indonesia

Would you tell us will like what your concert in Indonesia 20 April later?
I want a surprise for the fans in Indonesia. So, I do not want to tell you a lot. To be sure the hell, I want all my fans in Indonesia are satisfied with my appearance later.

What makes Greyson impressed with Indonesia?
My fans. Because, I do not think that turned out to have many fans in Indonesia. 

If you're on world tour, how about your school?
I always bring my computer and I'm learning materials anywhere. So, there's no excuse for not learning, no matter where I am. 

Besides singing, Greyson had not thought to be a movie actor?
Haha ... I dont know what will happen in the future! But, for now, I prefer to focus with my music. 

Say something to your fans in Indonesia!
Hello Indonesia, thanks for all the support you gave me until now. I can not wait to see you again! See you in April!  

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