Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm REALLY Happy because of these

Followed by Greyson Chance (MY SUPERIDOL) on 19th November, 2011 (23:15 Indonesian Time)
Followed by Cody Simpson (THE SEXIEST GUY) on 19th November 2011 (22:50 Indonesian Time)
And THIS!! Retweeted by Greyson Chance when he get #1MillionEnchancers!! 30th November 2011 (22:13 Indonesian Time)
Followed by Jordan Jansen, new singer from Australia, on 6th January 2012 (13:46 Indonesian Time)
Followed by Jackie Evancho, America's Got Talent Favourite, on 20th Feburary 2012 (18:05 Indonesian Time)
Followed by Josh Winnington, CODY'S Best Friend!, on 11th January 2012 (17:55 Indonesian Time)
Followed by Emma Wright, beautiful singer and actress from Australia, on 21st January 2012 (16:20 Indonesian Time)
Followed by Yasmin Baildon, CODY'S Model MV 'All Day', on 26th February 2012 (15:30 Indonesian Time)

When I know CODY SIMPSON follow me, I just smiling like an idiot... I just feel really happy!! 6 minutes later, GREYSON CHANCE follow me... I drop my jaw.. My expresion : ":0" and I laughing like crazy people... I just feel flying like a G6.. OH GOSH!! And when GREYSON CHANCE retweet me, my sister sleepover at my house.. It's already night and everybody already sleep except me and my sista.. I tweet greyson... After that, my bestfriend tweet : Sista Reiza... You're so lucky!! Greyson follow you and now he retweet you... And my expresion : ":O" after that, I check greyson's TL.. and... HERE IS IT!!! HE RETWEET MEE!! OH GOSH!! I'M BREATHLESS.. I just moan a little.. I can't handle it again.. So I'm laughing like crazy people... FLYING LIKE A G6!!!

Okay... I just wanna tell you my little story... I hope you dont think I'm an arrogant girl.. I just share it.. So for everybody who still don't get follow back from your idol, KEEP TRYIN!! Someday he/she will follow you back!! BELIEVE AND NEVER SAY NEVER!! :')

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