Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear Belieber who hate Selena,

Dear Belieber who hate Selena,
Why you hate Selena? If you hate Selena just because she is going out with Justin, I ask you .. Is it wrong if Selena going out with Justin? If so, why? They have right to decide what they want and who they love. If they love each other, why not? Justin has the right to determine his heart. Oh .. And if you say Selena used Justin only for the famous, what is the evidence? And if you say Selena is a bad influence for Justin, what is the evidence? Oh .. Because when their relationship discovered, Justin give his middle finger to the paparazzi? Justin do that because he wants to protect Selena from paparazzi. He doesn't want Selena get hurts. He doesn't want Selena was not comfortable with him. I'm not Justin haters .. I am Selenator and Belieber .. And if you're a REAL BELIEBER, you should support them. Because Justin loves Selena. And Selena loves Justin too. Not so hate Selena because Justin just going out with Selena. What if for example because you don't like Justin going out with Selena, Justin so sad? Justin and Selena still remember their fans, still love their fans. So why you don't like their relationship?
Sincelery, Jelenator ♥

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