Thursday, November 3, 2011

Remix part 2

  • Please don't forget the good days with me -not just you
  • I'd travel a thousand mile just so I can see your smile -home is in your eyes
  • So what do I do? Cause I still love you. And you're the only one who can save me -overboard
  • Please don't be in love with someone else -enchanted
  • Please don't have somebody waiting on you -enchanted
  • Every moment that it's stolen it can never be replaced -iyiyi
  • You've got that smile that only heaven can make -next 2 you
  • I missing you so much can't help it i'm in love -a year without rain
  • I need you by my side don't know how i'll survive -a year without you
  • My love's like a star yeah you can't always see me but you know that i'm always near -my love is like a star
  • I can't survive without you here by my side -until you're mine
  • Forget about fade and just hold me -until you're mine
  • So tell me what should I do if I can't get you off my mind -on my mind
  • You're the best I ever knew -unfriend you
  • Give me the chance to love you i'll tell you the only reason why -on my mind
  • You are the best thing that ever been mine -mine
  • I wanna be stranded on this island with you -stranded
  • You're so afraid of taking chances how you gonna reach the top? -waiting outside the lines
  • I wanna be stranded on this island for two -stranded
  • You're the voice i hear inside my head the reason that i'm singing -gotta find you
  • Love me or love me not -round and round
  • And I hope it somewhere far where only we are stranded on your heart -stranded
  • You're the missing piece I need the song inside on me -gotta find you
  • Boy, I need you here with me I can't go one this way i'm falling hard for you all i can't say -round and ronud
  • He's there in the dark. He's there in my heart -trouble is a friend
  • Please babe don't leave me alone -song for you 
  • But I don't think I'll ever break through -ghost of you
  • Before you had a girlfriend you were really something -before you had a boyfriend *lyricsedit
  • When i see you walk by that other girls i hide my tears and let my guitar cry -guitar cry *lyrics edit
  • And it's over before it begun -unfriend you
  • My last move is to unfriend you -unfriend you

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